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Known BlockPay Technical Issues 

The point of sales platform BlockPay is in constant development and we would like to keep you up to date with our progress. This page will list all known issues of the different versions of BlockPay sorted to the implementation. We will keep this list up to date and are looking forward to your contribution too. Please send us a ticket when you find bugs, glitches or any other feedback you have for us. We appreciate your ownest and constructive feedback. Thank you.

Last update 8.1.2017

BlockPay “S”

  • BlockPay Server is offline
  • Merchants can only receive Euro, US-Dollar and CNY right now
  • Settlement to bank process is not automated yet
  • Fast transaction need to be set up separate
  • More to come

BlockPay for Odoo

  • BlockPay Server is offline
  • BlockPay for Odoo will be relaunched with C-IPFS

BlockPay API

  • BlockPay Server is offline
  • coming soon
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