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BlockPay Official Blockchain Accounts

Sometimes the Blockchain industry is like the wild west with bandits, sheriffs, and crazy stories. To prevent misunderstandings and to discover fraud from far away, we decided to create a public list of all official BitShares Munich and BlockPay accounts that we control. That list will be constantly updated.

Do not send any funds to a Blockchain account / address that is not on this list!

Please send us a mail to if you discover a new unofficial account.

Last update: 8.01.2017

BitShares Accounts

  • bitshares-munich
  • bitshares-munich-wallet
  • bitshares-munich-ambs
  • bitshares-munich-bridge
  • bitshares-munich-devs
  • bitshares-munich-faucet
  • bitshares-munich-marketing
  • bitshares-munich-mm
  • bitshares-munich-pension
  • bitshares-munich-pool
  • bitshares-munich-preico
  • bitshares-munich-surety
  • blockpay-pool
  • blockpay-wallet
  • blockpay1
  • blockpos


Bitcoin Account

  • 37jDFfS9WJEPL33YivJbnjfQQNU5RjFWFY