BlockPay Status Update

Dear BlockPay Investors and Community,

During the last weeks the founding team of BitShares Munich IVS, Ken Code and Christoph Hering came to the conclusion that their common business goals, visions and corporate values have changed over the months and are no longer aligned. Keeping the best interest of all stakeholders in mind Ken and Christoph agree to the following solutions.

Today we announce together, on 10.08.2017, that Ken Code is pursuing new goals and is leaving BitShares Munich for good so that he can focus his time, energy and skills on his own new business ventures and follow his passions. Ken Code shall soon announce his new business platform and plans for continuing development of innovative product.

Bitshares Munich IVS is handing over the future development, control and responsibility of the BitShares Stealth Transaction feature to Ken Code. Starting from this day, Ken is no longer in charge of any development and marketing activities of Bitshares Munich IVS . After going through the main figures of the financial books of BitShares Munich IVS Ken and Christopher mutually confirms that all funds have always been used in the best interest of the stakeholders.

BitShares Munich IVS is going to continue its global operations under the management of Christoph Hering and resume its software -, marketing and business development activities and is committed to deliver the announced product and services to the investors and community as soon as possible.

Best regards,
BitShares Munich Founding Team

Ken Code, Christoph Hering