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BlockPay Ambassador Program

Welcome to BlockPay! The new universal point of sale platform that allows any restaurant, supermarket, retail, gas station chain, vending machine, kiosk, online shop or bar to accept the top digital currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Steem, Dash or Smartcoins for free! Millions of people are waiting for BlockPay today to spend their money with a BlockPay system.

So far businesses have had to fight with high credit card fees, unexpected chargebacks, payment fraud, expensive cash recycling and unsuccessful loyalty programs. Thanks to modern blockchain technologies, BlockPay solves most of these problems, and introduces a revolutionary Point Of Sale (POS) platform that even increases their customer relationships!

BlockPay is available for free as an Android App and integrated into the Odoo 9 ERP platform. BlockPay works with QR-Codes and NFC, no new hardware is required!

Why become a BlockPay Ambassador?

BlockPay Ambassadors are networkers. Thousands of small businesses and retail chains are looking for new, cheaper and safer payment systems like BlockPay. You will help your friends to save money, reduce fraud, eliminate chargebacks and increase their most valuable asset – customer relationship. Thanks to the BlockPay automated loyalty system, businesses can increase their sales, lower costs and offer their customers a full new shopping experience.  

BlockPay Ambassadors Sales Commission

BlockPay Ambassadors have the unique opportunity to represent this disruptive new POS platform in their cities and national countries and earn a percentage based sales commission for every customer transaction processed by your sold BlockPay integration. Join the Ambassadors program and earn up to 15% in commissions.

BlockPay Ambassadors

BlockPay Ambassadors are, as account managers, responsible for their sales region and will provide customer support according to our guidelines. Why not build a profitable business with BlockPay? We will support our Ambassadors with free Sales- and Marketing material, updating the BlockPay platform and manage the global marketing.