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Accept Digital Currencies

At Zero Cost!

BlockPay is an easy, fast & free platform that supports all of the new digital currencies (like Bitcoin, Steem, Ethereum, Dash and Smartcoins) plus Loyalty Points and eReceipts. BlockPay runs Standalone (as a free App) or Integrated with existing systems (e.g. Odoo), and is available worldwide in 44 languages.

BlockPay 2.0 coming soon!
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4 Reasons Why You Should Use BlockPay Today!

BlockPay has Fantastic Features

  • Automated Bookkeeping
  • Loyalty, and Reward Programs
  • Customer Analytics
  • eReceipts
  • Supports QR-Code and NFC
  • Standalone and Integrated Systems Available

Easy & Safe Payments

BlockPay supports all of the leading digital currency wallets. Our integrated systems support cash, credit- and debit cards and enable you to even accept evolutionary digital currencies like Bitcoin or Smartcoins. Never miss sales again!

Liberating BlockPay “S”!

Innovation of payments

Welcome to BlockPay “S” – The New Payments Era! BlockPay is leveraging modern Blockchain 2.0 technologies, and introduces a revolutionary Point-of-Sale platform that supports all kinds of digital and fiat currencies in one App! Secure payments in seconds, automated Loyalty Points programs and low volatility risk will save your day!

BlockPay 2.0 coming soon!

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BlockPay Integrated Systems!

Over 60,000 Odoo businesses worldwide can now use the free BlockPay module and accept digital payments, including Bitcoin, for free. It just takes a few clicks to install, a few seconds to create your new merchant account, and 3 more seconds for the first payment. Try it today!

Everything your Business needs

BlockPay is fully integrated into Odoo POS, with many more Integrations on the way.
No installation and no specific hardware required.

Over 60,000 companies are using Odoo already and profit from the smart interface that any retail, shop or grocery can use without difficulty. Now with the BlockPay integration into Odoo, businesses around the world can accept digital payments for free! Contact us to learn more about Odoo and BlockPay.

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BlockPay is perfect for SMB and OEM


Universal Digital Currencies

With BlockPay you will never miss out again. We cover all major digital currencies. BlockPay is the universal payment platform with an all supporting, fraud-proof, Blockchain-based global payment system as its driving engine.

The IPFS Powercore

IPFS – The global backbone that empowers BlockPay Core. We are the first fully decentralized application built based on IPFS, allowing us to provide coin agnostic digital payment service on almost any kind of hardware. BlockPay is bridging IoT with Blockchain!

Use your favorite digital wallet and pay in seconds!

Universal BlockPay Platform

Stay up to date with the latest innovation in mobile payments. BlockPay offers a universal payment platform including contactless payments, chip-cards, digital currencies thanks to modern Blockchain, NFC & QR-Code technologies.


BlockPay “S”

Works on most Android devices

Easy to set up

Free point of sales for small business

BlockPay 2.0 coming soon

BlockPay Integrated

Accept Digital Payments for zero costs

No new hardware – works on all platforms

Custom integration into your ERP

Coming Soon

BlockPay in the Press

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Harnessing Fear To Drive Innovation

February 23rd, 2017|0 Comments

Latest News Updates 17.11.2017

 BlockPay “S” is currently under technical maintenance and not available. We are publishing monthly updates in our developer newsletter and are soon back on Social Media.  Read our latest news here and submit to our E-Mail newsletter for first-hand updates.   – Christoph Hering

Digital Currencies

New to digital currencies? Read our 101 beginner guide how you can profit by accepting digital currencies. Save time and money with BlockPay!

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BlockPay Stories

Top 5 references how your business will profit from an BlockPay system. Modernize your payment mix and accept digital currencies for free!

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BlockPay is easy to set up in minutes. Choose the right tutorial for your business and learn how you can save money with BlockPay.

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Join the BlockPay network and add your store to our world map. Welcome, new customers from around the world with BlockPay!

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24 / 7 Support

Contact your local BlockPay Ambassador for tech support, training, and installation of your BlockPay software.

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