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Founded in July 2016, BLOCKPAY is building a metaverse of opportunities for people through virtual worlds that empower everyone.

Our Mission and Vision

We want to empower everyone to play, create and earn in a metaverse without borders. We aim to be the global leader in immersive technology focused on retail, entertainment, rewards and community experiences.


At the core of the BLOCKPAY philosophy is digital inclusion. The world has become more digital than ever, leaving behind a lot of people in regions such as Southeast Asia, where BLOCKPAY was created. To address this, we are solving the following problems:

  • Making it easier for businesses to onboard more clients to the digital economy
  • Simplifying tech solutions that exclude the vast majority of people.
  • Creating immersive products and services that reward creators and engage participants who add value to the ecosystem.

Our solution is a virtual world in the metaverse that acts as a platform connecting whitelabel services in one central hub. Through this immersive platform (BLOCKPAY VALT), businesses and creators can tap into tools for finance, gaming, VR, NFTs, e-commerce, and retail (through the BLOCKPAY Metaverse ecosystem), enabling them to market to a ready-made audience of users.

In this metaverse, users can onboard simply, be rewarded for their engagement, and finally have access to the digital economy without huge requirements on their end.