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NFTs Platform and

Your one-stop platform for making NFTs, built with all the features you need.


BLOCKPAY NFTs provides you with a variety of tools to help you to set up and run your NFT business. Whether you want to make your new NFT collection from scratch or create a marketplace for your existing NFTs, BLOCKPAY NFTs has you covered.

Create a New NFT Collection

BLOCKAPY NFTs gives you the right tools for creating a new NFT project from scratch. Start your journey by naming and describing your NFT collection, then proceed with minting and selling your NFTs with ease. Soon, you will also be able to select the blockchain network where you want your NFTs to be made.

Customize Your NFT Sale Widget

BLOCKPAY NFTs also supports the creation of NFT sale widgets, which allow you to expand the reach of your NFT offerings to other websites. An NFT widget allows brands and artists to white-label the design of their own marketplace, something that other major NFT marketplaces currently do not allow.

Decentralize File Storage

BLOCKPAY NFTs enables NFT sellers to take advantage of this file storage method for added security. NFTs that are stored on decentralized file storage systems are protected from the risk of being lost through rug pulls or other vulnerabilities.

Import an Existing NFT Collection

If you already have an existing collection of NFTs that you want to feature in BlockPay NFTs, you can easily connect your NFT wallet to our platform to import the digital assets you already possess. With BLOCKPAY NFTs, you can move from collection to marketplace in just a few steps.

Build Your Custom NFT Marketplace

Once your new or imported NFTs are in the BlockPay NFTs platform, you can proceed with creating a customized NFT marketplace for you collection. You can enter additional information, manage general settings, select themes, pick the NFTs that you want to prominently display, and more.